Roadkill‘s ‘Stubby Bob’ Is One Awesome Ford Truck! (Video)

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Get up close and personal with everyone’s favorite vintage Ford work truck: ‘Stubby Bob.’

If you’re a fan of Roadkill (and you should be), you’ve no doubt heard about “Stubby Bob.” We’ve talked about it before. For the uninitiated, Stubby Bob is a 1950 Ford F-6 with a cut-down frame.

Its original dump bed has been replaced by a fire-breathing, supercharged big block Chevy engine. That mill is producing somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 to 750 horsepower.

The combination of a big engine, short wheelbase, and rear weight bias makes Stubby Bob quite the entertaining wheelie machine. Last time we saw it at SEMA, it was an imposing beast, but seeing it in detail in this video is something else altogether.


Filmed as a bonus episode for Motor Trend On Demand’s YouTube channel, Carlos Lago gives us a video tour of Stubby Bob. He’s joined by Lucky Costa, a mechanic and stunt double for the Roadkill guys.

After the dynamic duo of David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan did the heavy lifting, Costa was tasked with taking care of Stubby Bob’s cooling system and charging system. He’s also been in charge of maintaining it since the build was completed.

With a ton of power and stock, half-century-old suspension and brakes, it’s not a particularly safe truck to drive. Still, we think it’d be fun to take Stubby Bob for a fun spin around the block just once, at least. We might even try to sneak a wheelie in. Don’t try that at home.

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