Ford Raptor vs Ocean – Who Wins?

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There’s a couple of things that differentiate a lake from an ocean, and one of those things is a high tide. They can come whenever and claim whatever’s in their way, even if that something is a bright red Ford Raptor.

While I’m not going to elaborate on lakes, oceans and meteorological matters, leaving your truck on the shore is a bad idea, specially the ground underneath is can easily give way like this one did. This is a lesson this truck owner learned the hard way.


Judging by the photos, the tide came in while the owner was away (for some weird reason) and quickly started hammering the Raptor, ripping off every kind of body panel on the truck, and shredding the rest of it to pieces. While a slight wave may not look awfully strong, the combined pressure these tides can except on still objects is enormous.


Still, there are many unknown details about this incident. For example, why is the roof/windshield frame smashed in? Did the tide roll the truck over while receding, or is there something shady going on here on behalf of the owner? Was the truck stolen and then left to be destroyed by the high tide? So many questions and such little answers.

Remember, don’t leave your trucks by the ocean!

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