Ford Raptor Saves Family Hit by Tornadoes on the Road!

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‘This truck withstood a tornado and let us live,’ says FTE forum member who encountered hellacious encounter while driving home.

About the only thing missing from FTE forum member 98SlowBra‘s fascinating — and scary — story in this forum post is a flying cow and Laura Dern. The Ford truck owner relays how his 2013 Raptor drove through not one, not two, but three nearby tornadoes. As he was driving his Raptor home from a nine-hour road trip with his teen daughter also in the truck, they found themselves caught up right in the middle of a couple frightening, window-breaking twisters.

“It was so bad before we pulled over, a semi-trailer started to get pushed into our lane lane and missed my truck by inches,” writes 98SlowBra. “Then we pulled over and the tornado went over us. It blew out my back window and there was a ton of baseball-size hail damage.

“We found out later there was three tornadoes by us,” he adds.

The Raptor owner and his daughter were unharmed, and despite taking a pounding, the Ford Raptor came through like a champ — sorta. Although the truck did withstand some hard punishment by there elements, the passenger side and roof were “dented all to hell.” And the truck would eventually suffer $70,000 worth of damage, says 98SlowBra in a follow-up post, and it was written off. But not before being hailed the hero that is was.

“My Raptor saved us, and I drove it the rest of the way home,” writes 98SlowBra. “This truck withstood a tornado and let us live. Got to love the Raptors.”

And we do. Glad everyone was safe, too.

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