2017 Ford Raptor Aces Unusual Off-Road Test…in 2WD!

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This new F-150 Raptor doesn’t break a sweat or even lift a wheel on its way to conquering the simple, yet complicated ‘diagonal test.’

We’re officially at the point where we can comfortably declare the 2017 Ford Raptor a capable off-roader. We’ve watched test after test, and even taken our turns behind the wheel of the truck in a variety of crazy conditions. We’ve driven the Ford Raptor through giant mud pits and watery passes, and even jumped it over huge hills. Heck, we even drifted the thing around a dirt NASCAR track. And it’s passed every test with flying colors.

But there’s one test we weren’t aware of. Until now, that is. It’s called the ‘diagonal test,’ and it’s something dreamed up by the insanely popular YouTube channel Car Question. Apparently, the channel takes all manner of all-wheel drive vehicles and puts them to the test on a steep ramp. They drive these SUVs and minivans up the ramp (or hill) at an angle, which demonstrates how well they handle uneven terrain.

The results of most of these tests are predictably hilarious. After all, most vans and soft-roaders aren’t exactly meant to handle driving around on two or three wheels. And since most modern AWD systems are designed to send power to the wheels that don’t have traction, many of them simply sit there and don’t move, with wheels spinning helplessly. Like this Mazda CX-9.

This is not the case with the Ford Raptor, however. With miles of suspension travel and a sophisticated four-wheel drive system, silly tests like this don’t stand a chance. In fact, the Raptor aces the test in two-wheel drive. Which makes it, well, kind of boring. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to find some giant concrete ramps to try it out for ourselves!

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