Ranger vs. Colorado Test Is a Preview of the Future

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Ford Ranger

By now, everyone on planet Earth already knows that Ford’s Ranger pickup is coming back to North America. But that’s old news for most of the rest of the world. They have been able to buy the latest iteration of the small(er) pickup for years.

Meanwhile, the mid-size Chevy Colorado has been back on sale in the U.S. since 2004, and the rising popularity of smaller trucks around the world has led to some pretty decent sales success. With the Ranger’s popularity in Australia, Chevy began selling the Colorado under its Holden brand back in 2008.

And now that we will be getting the Ranger in the U.S., this relevant new clip by Oz publication 4×4 Australia is the perfect primer for what to expect between the Chevy Colorado and Ford Ranger.

Has Chevy’s Holden revamp of the Colorado raised it to the high standards of the Ford Ranger XLT? Well, 4×4 Australia answers that question via a muddy road-test comparison between the two vehicles.

Aussie auto journalist Fraser Stronach handles the job, driving first a Ford Ranger XLT that was updated with electric power steering in 2015. Then he slips behind the wheel of a Holden Colorado Z71, which came out in 2012. “Performance aspects were good [then],” Stronach says about the Holden, “but it was a bit rough and noisy.”

That first generation Holden was very much unloved down under, however, due to poor refinement that led to issues like excessive wind and engine noise and a rough idle. The new and improved Holden saw a complete and total overhaul, however.

“Holden changed all sorts of things, from under the hood to electric power steering,” adds Stronach. “They literally transformed the car to being a much better-performing vehicle.”

So, how does it stack up against the Ford?

It turns out, pretty good, but not good enough. While the Chevy product comes close to matching the Ford in on-road behavior, it just can’t quite overtake the king. And when it comes to off-roading, the Ranger is clearly the superior choice in 4×4 Australia’s comparison

“What you can say more than anything else is that Holden has done a fantastic job of improving the Colorado compared to what it was in its previous iteration,” says Stronach. “On the road it’s very much a match for the Ford Ranger when previously it was not a match at all.”

“Off road, it’s still a different story,” he adds. “The Ranger’s got a couple of advantages [including] more suspension, which obviously helps.

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