Ford Ranger Update: Still Not Happening

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Usually during the first week of a new month, we are inundated with sales figures from all of the major automotive manufacturers. We quickly learn the top sellers and slow sellers, and attempt to make guesses about which vehicles will be a success or not. We even get sales figures from outside the country, and then we are reminded one sad truth. It doesn’t matter how well the Ranger sells in <insert country here>, it won’t be brought to the United States.

Today’s Ranger sales success comes from the country of New Zealand. Apparently they really love the Ford Ranger in the land of Hobbits and fire-breathing dragons. The small pickup truck is¬†the overall commercial vehicle sales leader in New Zealand.

Here in the United States, if you’re looking for a small-ish commercial vehicle from Ford, you want the Transit Connect. It’s a great van and provides some excellent utility, it’s not the same as the type of experience the Ford Ranger can offer.

Yes, the Ford F-150 is bigger and provides more versatility¬†for the commercial truck buyer, but that doesn’t stop people wanting the forbidden fruit from across the pond. At the end of the day, though, the Ranger is a sales success that won’t see our shores.

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