Watch the Ford Ranger Tackle Ridiculous Terrain With Ease

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It may not be the best-looking Ford truck, but the Ranger certainly is one of the agilest and most capable off-roaders they build.

We’ve shown you over and over again that the latest iteration of the global Ford Ranger is a very capable off-road beast. Despite the many groans and moans you’ll hear when Ford’s American Ranger inevitably looks a lot like this one, have no fear. This truck isn’t incapable of traversing a speed bump without breaking an axle, as we recently saw in this spy video.

Our friends in Australia already know this, and the avid off-roaders Down Under are quite keen on the mid-size pickup, making it a common sight along kangaroo-laden trails. It appears that they aren’t the only ones beating these little pickups to death in the worst of conditions, because the lads in Finland, quite a bit further north, are doing the exact same thing.

Ford Ranger

In fact, a chap by the name of Raimo Nordsten runs an entire YouTube channel with beautifully shot footage of various “Arctic Trucks” tackling tough Finnish terrain. And there’s plenty of it, since Finland is Europe’s most sparsely populated country. Much like Australia, the Nordic country looks like an off-road enthusiast’s paradise.

This diesel-powered Ford Ranger has no problem driving over and through all of it. The little pickup just keeps chugging along, over rocks and through watery passes (thanks to a snorkel). Additional mods are unclear from the video, but the tires are certainly not stock.

Ford Ranger

It’s hard not to be impressed with all of the video evidence we’re seeing of Ford’s latest Ranger. Whether you like the styling or not, it sure seems like we’re going to get a proper off-roader at the very least.

Of course, that bodes well for the prospects of the new Bronco and Ranger Raptor as well. So the next time somebody moans when you mention the forthcoming Ranger revival, just show them this video!

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