Ford Ranger Selling Like Hot Cakes… In South Africa

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In the United States, we have a limited selection of mid-size pickup trucks. There’s the Toyota Tacoma, the Nissan Frontier, the GMC Canyon, and the Chevrolet Colorado. But y’all are Ford fans, and that means you want a Ford Ranger. In the rest of the world, especially South Africa, the Ford Ranger is in high demand.

How popular is the Ford Ranger, that’s also built in South Africa? Allow Ford to explain it themselves.

The locally assembled Ranger was the top-seller in the light commercial vehicle segment with 3,095 sales – this is the second time it took the top spot for the LCV sales and total industry sales. Sales of the Ford Ranger increased by 71.6% year-on-year and 54% year-to-date as the strong demand continues.

The key phrase there is “total industry sales.” That’s right folks, the Ford Ranger is the best selling vehicle overall in South Africa.

New Ford Ranger 1_Front 3qtr

Compared to overall truck sales in the United States, just over 3,000 sold isn’t that many vehicles, but I think it’d be safe to assume that they’d sell quite a few here in this country as well. We have some theories on why they don’t, but suffice it to say, we’re not getting one.

But if you want to get one, apparently there are a bunch of them in South Africa!

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