Ford Ranger Oil Change Procedure Becomes a Point of Controversy

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Reports that you have to remove a wheel to change the oil of the new Ranger were wrong.

Back on January 3, The Truth About Cars published a piece stating that changing the oil of the new Ford Ranger with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, making the procedure sound like a real pain in the arse. Fortunately, that outlet and several others have spoken with Ford, learning that the wheel does not need to be removed and overall, the oil change is nowhere near as difficult as it was initially made out to be.

The Initial Report

When The Truth About Cars posted its initial report on the headache-filled process of changing the engine oil in the 2019 Ford Ranger being sold in the United States, they offering up the following information.

“A service procedure obtained by TTAC states that, after removing the left front wheel, a technician or owner must then remove an access panel secured by nine push-pin retainers. From there, one removes the filter with an end cap tool. To actually drain the oil, which of course you’ll accomplish before attacking that filter, you’ll first need to unbolt the power steering control module underbody shield. Four bolts hold that on.”

2019 Ford Ranger

That is a whole lot more work than sliding under a truck with a pan, removing the plug from the pan and unscrewing the filter from the block. There is nothing in that procedure that is all that troublesome, but the extra steps of jacking up the truck and removing a wheel well liner may scare some DIYers away from the idea of changing their own oil.

Fortunately, The Truth About Cars and TFL Trucks both spoke with Ford and learned that the oil change process isn’t quite that detailed.

The Actual Process

The Truth About Cars spoke with Ford communications boss Mike Levine, who explained that the filter is accessed through the driver’s side front wheel well, but the wheel does not need to be removed and the vehicle does not need to be off of the ground. Owners will need to cut the wheel hard to one side to make access easier, but with the removal of three fasteners, the oil filter of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost can be accessed and removed.

Ford Ranger Production Line

In short, it does sound like changing the oil in a new Ford Ranger will be a bit harder than some other trucks, but you don’t need a jack and an impact gun to remove a wheel.

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