This Ford Ranger is Inspired, We Think, by Transformers

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Since the current generation Ford Ranger isn’t sold here in the United States, we aren’t necessarily exposed to the wild and crazy things people do with their trucks. But if you head off into the land of Google search, you’ll find some interesting things. For example, check out this Ford Ranger that looks like it was inspired by Transformers.


The site that features the truck is written in Thai, and Google Translate isn’t particularly good at making sense of the language, but that doesn’t stop us from looking at the pictures.

This red Ranger has a pretty aggressive front and rear bumper, clearly designed for off-roading. It also has additional off-road kit, including a snorkel for fording water, a brush guard to protect the front end, and auxiliary lights to help see at night.


All of this would be standard fare on a truck we’d expect to spend life off the tarmac. But weirdly, there is also Transformers logos everywhere. Stranger than that, there’s a TRD sticker on the front of the truck, near the bumper. The last time I checked, the “T” in TRD stood for Toyota.


There are also some other interesting Rangers on the page worth checking out. Once you do, head over to our forums and let us know what you think!

via [Auto Car Nano]

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