Ford Ranger II: The Super Truck That Never Was

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1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Supercar Truck

The ultra-modern Ranger II had an expandable cab and a walnut bed.

For those who might say that Ford plays it safe with their F-Series truck designs, they should take a look at a vehicle that almost saw the light of day back in 1966 – the Ford Ranger II. Designed to resemble the awesome supercar concepts of that era, the sleek machine is all business in the back and party in the front.

If you looked at the truck from the front, you might think the Ranger II looked like a UFO. Needless to say, it had all the standard features that resembled “futuristic” in the ‘60s. There was a massive wrap-around windshield, a sharp metal design, and crazy doors, all of which were completely outrageous at the time, but almost feel quaint today considering Tesla and others.

1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Supercar Truck

Perhaps the strangest and equally intriguing aspect of the Ranger II, is the expandable cab. Yes, this truck defaults in a two-person cab. However, what do you do when you have a couple extra people coming along? Easy, you just press a button, and the cab starts to move back into the bed! As the cab moves back, two more seats fall in place, and the roof expands, thus giving you seating for 4.

1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Supercar Truck

Now, for those looking to replace the F-250, the Ranger II has you covered. The truck bed is 6 feet wide and 8 feet long. In addition to the walnut bed flooring, there are courtesy lights, aluminum loading rails, vinyl-covered side panels, and padded wheel housing. Okay, admittedly, this isn’t the perfect set-up for those looking for a work truck, but you sure would look pretty awesome.

1966 Ford Ranger II Concept Supercar Truck

The body of the Ranger II was actually built on a 1963 Ford station wagon frame. The floor model Ford showed off was actually fully operational, with working A/C, radio, and top conversion. Sadly, after touring with the vehicle for two years, no more information about the Ranger II was given.

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