Trying to Get a Ford Ranger Unstuck Does Not Go Off without a Hitch!

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Ranger owner shows us why you don’t stand behind your truck when trying to pull out a stuck hitch.

This week’s Freaky Friday video comes to us from the brend2b YouTube channel and it features a small team of guys trying to get the hitch out of a Ford Ranger. The odds are good that if you have pulled a trailer with an older truck in an area that gets real winters, you have deal with a stuck hitch more than once. Getting it out can seem impossible and as the video above shows, if you aren’t careful, removing the hitch could kill someone.

Tow Strap and a Tree

The Class 4 hitch receiver on this Ford Ranger is designed in a way that the inside of the receiver is only slightly larger than the outside of the hitch itself. This prevents any excess movement while towing, but that tight space can often get clogged up with dirt and debris, especially in trucks that always have that hitch in the receiver. Over time, that dirt and moisture cause rust to build up and that basically welds the hitch and receiver together.

There are lots of ways to remove a stuck hitch. You can heat it up, you can spray something like WD-40 into it, you can beat it with a hammer or, like this Ford Ranger owner, you can hook it to something solid and try to pull it free. In this case, the team has a hammer, a tow strap and a tree, along with a compact Ford pickup with a hitch that will not come free.

At first, we watch as the driver speeds away from the tree line, but when the tow strap pulls tight, the hitch doesn’t pop out. Time after time, the Ranger is yanked to a stop by the tree and tow strap, so they back up and try beating it with a hammer. After that, the driver speeds away from the trees once again and this time, the hitch rips out of the receiver, almost immediately disappearing off camera.

Pending Doom

Fortunately, when the hitch finally came free from this Ford Ranger, there was no one standing behind the truck. Right before the successful attempt, the guys were talking about trying to hit the hitch while the driver was pulling against the tow strap. One guy recommended that someone stand on the bumper and beat the hitch with the hammer. They didn’t do any of that and they are lucky, as anyone standing behind this truck would have been in a world of pain.

Ford Ranger Stuck Hitch Out

The hitch leaves when the line pulls tight, so when it comes free of the receiver, the tow strap is stretched, acting like a rubber band when the piece releases. This causes sparks to fly from under the bumper while the heavy hitch blasts into the trees with more than enough force to kill someone.

While the video is humorous, it should remind us all to be careful when trying to remove a stuck hitch, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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