Ford Ranger Has the Flight Stuff

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FTE Jump

The Ford Ranger is good at a number of things, including daily driving, off-road motorsports, sinking, and, of course, taking flight. These rides are practically indestructible, which makes them perfect for throwing around in the name of having fun. In fact, it’s very rare that we’ve seen any Ranger eat the dust (at least permanently) in their many jumping antics. That’s something to be truly glad for!

This week’s jump features a Ford Ranger, as you might expect. This is a KCORRA (Kansas City Off-Road Racing Association) Ranger, to be exact. The leap takes place at the JSI Off-Road Park, which looks like a lot of fun to go ride on. Twists and turns lead to a few short drifts and slides by this Ranger as it approaches the jump, and the roar of the engine makes the video even more enjoyable to watch!

As the rig hits the jump, it flies into the air with ease. The landing it pretty smooth, which would make us say that this Ford is built for the job! Check out the video below and see this amazing machine soar!

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