TOTALLY TRUCKED A Ford Ranger Takes a Dive

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Ford Ranger Falls Off Ferry

What happens in this video is certainly baffling. It just isn’t every day that a perfectly good Ford Ranger ends up taking a dive into the bottomless deep.

And to be honest, we’re not exactly sure what happened that led to this outcome. It could have been negligence on the part of the ferry crew, revenge against a particularly rude customer, or maybe a cruel prank.

And we can’t rule out an ill-advised attempt for compensation, whether it be from the ferry company or the insurance provider. Whatever the reason, the situation did not go well for one very unlucky Ford truck.

Ford Ranger Falls Off Ferry

If you haven’t begun to grasp the gist of this story by now, we’ll kindly just tell you a bit more. The video appears to have been taken from a phone camera on the shore, and out cameraman seems rather confused.

After all, why in the world would a loop be around the tow hook of a vehicle loaded on the ferry? And more importantly — why is the other end of the rope connected to something on the shore as it pulls away? Naturally, it seemed like a moment worth catching on film.

Ford Ranger Falls Off Ferry

What may be the most stunning thing in this video, however, is how none of the people near the truck on the ferry really seem concerned.

As the condemned Ranger begins to slide off the rig one man continues to simply walk away. And once the Ford has splashed into its watery grave, only one guy seems to care at all — and he only appears to be mildly confused.

Check out the video below and enjoy a laugh or two, even if it may be at the expense of the unfortunate owner of this forsaken Ranger, and pray that this never happens to you.

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