The European Ford Ranger is Much Like the American F-150

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There once was a time when a small-size truck knew its place in the food chain compared to a full-size truck. That’s not the case in the United States anymore, but it’s even more so in Europe.

Little over a decade ago, medium-size trucks were lower, smaller, less capable and more importantly, much much cheaper. Nowadays, you can spend upwards of $55k on a medium size truck, and it can be as big and tow as much payload as a couple-year-old full-size truck. They’re out of control!

The automotive website, The Truth About Cars, recently had the chance to test drive a new European Ford Ranger Wildtrak with a 3.2 liter turbocharged diesel engine, and so far they realized this Ranger is much like an F-150.


For starters, the writer shares about the sheer size of the Ranger, being nearly as long and just as wide as a full-size F-150, and mentioned how it made for some really tight parking at traditionally-small parking spots across Europe. Then there’s the interior and optional equipment. The Ford Ranger tested featured leather interior and a manual transmission, and while the leather quality isn’t that of an F-150 Limited, it certainly isn’t what it used to be on mid-size trucks.

The driver’s gauge cluster is made up of two LCD screens that display vital information just like the F-150 does, and in the center-stack a modern touchscreen houses the infotainment controls, as well as the backup camera. In fact, the Ranger resembles more a “lifestyle” SUV than a work truck. But wait, isn’t that what most people want out of a mid-size truck? After all, if you want to do heavy-duty work, you get a full-blown truck.


The arrival of the Ranger and Bronco to American shores is still not fully confirmed, despite serious rumors out of Dearborn, but if we get lucky, we could have this very same truck in our side of the pond very soon!

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Story & Photos via: [TTAC]

Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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