Photo Gallery: This Ford Ranger Eats Raptors for Breakfast

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The Ford Ranger pickup truck may have been Ford’s tiny and multipurpose truck for decades, but just because it’s small in size, it doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into a full-on Raptor destroyer.

Brett Kobaly is a typical 18-year old American boy, but he’s also the owner of the popular Instagram account, trip_trucks, which describes itself as the best quality offload pics on its profile.


Regardless of what you make out from his Instagram account, the focus should be on his freaking hot 1998 Ford Ranger, which has been 100% modified to be a pre-runner desert racer.


Kobaly’s Ranger has been fully caged, decked out with high-tech racing suspension, racing fuel-cell, carbon fiber interior, off-road GPS, and more. Which gives you a hint at just how serious he takes his off-roading.

He may be 18, but he’s not messing around,¬†and his Ranger will seriously eat a Raptor for breakfast!

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