Built Ford Tough: Ranger Chassis Rigidity on Display

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Fully-boxed frame allows the new Ranger to flex its suspension without distorting the body.

The video above comes to us from the YouTube channel of JordanKeyesFord and it features some sort of promotional event for the 2019 Ford Ranger. The commercial specifies that this is the Canadian version of the truck, so this could be an event for the Canadian media or local dealership representatives. Ultimately, the point of mentioning that this is in Canada means that this is the same basic version that we will get in the United States, as opposed to the version sold in Australia.

Hanging on the Ramps

The video begins with a new Ford Ranger FX4 easing up onto a set of staggered ramps. This layout creates a situation where the right front wheel and left rear wheel are off of the ground or at the peak of their available suspension travel. If you think about it, this series of ramps essentially twists the truck in the middle, supporting two wheels while letting the other two hang.

Ford Ranger FX4 Hanging Out

On a truck with a weaker chassis, the frame would distort and the body would shift around in a similar fashion. In extreme cases, this can cause the cargo box to hit the cab, but as you can see in the video and the images here, the body lines of the 2019 Ranger remain nearly perfect with the suspension pulled to its limits at two corners.

Also, there are two piece of yellow tape that show the alignment of the cab to the bed before and after pulling onto the ramps. With a heavy amount of chassis flex, those two pieces of tape would be grossly misaligned, but as you can see, the tape is still almost perfectly lined up.

Ranger Body Tape Close

Ford Toughness

As the product specialist in the video points out, this is possible due to the 2019 Ranger’s fully-boxed frame. Through the use of high-strength steel, the new compact Ford pickup offers incredible chassis rigidity without driving the weight of the truck way up. The result is a mid-sized pickup that outperforms the competition in both the mid-sized and the half-ton classes.

Ranger Hanging Up Close

Also, while this doesn’t relate to chassis rigidity, the product specialist explains how the Ranger’s two-piece driveshaft allows Ford engineers to mount thee transfer case above the frame rails. This increases ground clearance while also helping to protect the running gear while playing in the mud.

As the new Ranger prepares to come to market in North America, the Motor Company will continue to promote how it offers many of the same attributes of the F-Series, but in a smaller, more affordable package.

2019 Ford Ranger in Canada

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