Ford Ranger Begins Production at Detroit Factory

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Ford has moved the production of trucks back to the Michigan Assembly Plant with a retooling cost of around  $850 million.

It’s finally happening. Production has started on the all-new 2019 Ranger and trucks will once again be manufactured at, what was dubbed for a long time, Michigan Truck Plant. Ford has wound down production of cars at the Michigan Assembly Plant and tooled it up to produce the Ranger.

This video from the Roadshow YouTube channel breaks down the numbers and comes from a media day Ford hosted to give people a ride along in the new mid-sized truck. “Over the past couple of months, Ford has spent 850 million dollars retooling this plant so its 3000 employees can start building the Ranger here. And we know that starting in 2020, Ford is going to bring back the Bronco and build it here.”

Ford Ranger production at Michigan Assembly Plant

Michigan Assembly Plant is steeped in Ford truck history. It originally built Mercurys in the 1950s before it became truck focussed for the manufacture of F-Series trucks as well as the Bronco and the Expedition. Lincoln Navigators were also built there from 1997 to 2009.

We’re not just excited about the Ranger for where it’s being built though. The Ford Ranger looks very much like it will dominate could easily dominate the mid-size truck market, and even grow it, as the Ranger goes toe to toe with the current competition. Roadshow reminds us that Ford has, “… Already boasted pretty impressive numbers for this truck. Best in class payload at 1,860 lbs and at 7,500 of towing, it’s got the best tow rating for any of its gas-engined competitors.”

With Ford dominating the full-size truck marketing with such consistency over the decades, Toyota and Chevy must be dreading the Ranger’s resurgence. Between Ford’s existing track record and the promise of the Rangers performance, we would love to be a fly on the wall in Chevy’s accounting department meetings.

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