Ford Rages at Perkins Spring Mud Bog: Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 Tire

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Short cab, short bed, ninth-gen Ford F-Series meets its match in the mud.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the Car Warz YouTube channel and it features a badass, lifted, ninth-generation Ford F-Series pickup. This truck has “Rage” painted on the side and that was likely what the driver was experiencing when he nosed-down into a hole in the mud bog!

Experience the Rage

There are not many details provided on this Ford F-Series mud truck, but it is clearly a short bed, short cab pickup and it appears to be an F-150, although it could be a modified F-250 or F-350 with custom chassis and bodywork.

Rage Ford Mud Truck Side

In any case, this F-Series pickup has been built to dominate the mud bog, with an extensive suspension and chassis build making room for the huge tires. It appears to make use of the full factory frame, but everything attached below the body comes from the aftermarket and as a result, this truck is a beast in the pit.

Thanks to the headers hanging down behind the front tires, the V8 under the hood roars as it propels this mega mud truck from one side of the pit to the other.

The Fun Stops Hard

During the course of the fast-paced video above, the black Ford truck rips through the pit, skimming across the shallow points and digging its way through the deeper mud. However, around the 48-second mark, the truck hits a deep spot that slows it down and forces the driver to do some digging to get free.

Rage Ford Stuck

After a couple of seconds, the beastly Ford truck blasts out of that spot, but it quickly noses down into a deep hole, with the crowd gasping as the truck is practically swallowed up by the mud. At this point, the video ends, so we can only guess what happened next. Was this this hole too much for the Rage Ford to overcome? Or did it again find the strength to blast itself from the predicament. We’re hoping it was the latter.

Either way, crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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