Ford Aims to Push the Envelope with Next-Gen Powertrains

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Ford F-150

Electric power is on the horizon, but Ford hasn’t given up on the internal combustion engine just yet.

Whether you love ’em or hate ’em, there’s no denying the fact that Ford’s line of Ecoboost engines are an unmitigated success. Just a few years ago, no one guessed that V6 F-150s would outsell V8-powered ones, and yet, here we are. It’s a testament to the company’s forward thinking and the work of former powertrain engineering vice president Bob Fascetti. And now, his predecessor, Dave Filipe, is tasked with the same daunting mission.

Ford F-150

In the most competitive and rapidly changing segment of the automotive industry, that’s not exactly easy to do. Especially when you consider that Ford has to figure out a way to make buyers covet an electric hybrid F-150. The same way they took to turbocharged V6 power. To find out how Filipe plans to make that seemingly impossible dream a reality, Auto Week recently sat down with the powertrain expert to discuss the Blue Oval’s future plans.

As you might have already guessed, there were a few interesting takeaways from this conversation. Of course, Filipe didn’t talk specifics in regards to a hybrid or full-on electric F-150. But he did say that Ford is “always going to take a look at what makes the most sense for us and what makes the most sense for the customer. That depends on a lot of circumstances.”

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