What Up Dog! Does Owning a Ford Determine What Pets You Have?

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Today is National Pet Day, and to help celebrate our friends at BestRide conducted a survey of what people drive and what pets they have. They then had some folks from Harvard, which makes it legit in my book, look it over and make sense of all the metrics. So what animals are you likely to have as a Ford owner? Read on and find out!

You can view the full results over at BestRide, but they broke down the information into several categories. Looking at Ford specifically, Ford owners are more likely to have both a dog and a cat over the average. Also, if you have a Ford at home you are more likely than average to have a Rottweiler as a pet. But what if you don’t have a Rottweiler? Then you probably have a Bulldog (though you could also have a Cadillac).


Looking at Lincoln, the dog owners who drive them tend to have more than one dog. What is interesting though is that every single person who responded that they owned a Lincoln responded that they had either a dog or a cat. Nobody completing the survey didn’t have a pet.

There is a dog trend going on with Lincoln. Even though all Lincoln owners surveyed had a pet, a large portion of them had dogs over cats. Apparently canines are preferred in Matthew McConaughey land.

Some other quick notes; if you’re a crazy cat lady, you probably drive a Subaru. And, if you like collecting dogs, you probably have a Hyundai in your driveway.

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via [BestRide]

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