Ford Protect Extended Service Plan: What are the Advantages?

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Ford ESP adds thousands to the cost of a new truck, but it also adds peace of mind. So, would you or have you bought it?

We live in a time when add-on sales are expected, yet they’re no less annoying. From those stupid robocalls and junk mail telling you that your warranty is up to service plans for everything under the sun, protection for just about anything can be had for a price. But most of the time, it’s simply cheaper to just take your chances with a product. Thus, you can’t blame Ford Truck Enthusiasts member Greg Hamilton for asking the FTE forums if he really needs to purchase Ford’s Protect Extended Service Plan (ESP) for his new truck.

“I picked up a 2019 Ford F-350 Platinum, which should be here in a couple of weeks. I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the ESP with this truck. Are there cheaper places to buy it than through the dealer? How about a service plan? My buddy bought a package that includes all his services. Don’t know what he paid, but he likes it because he has the local dealer service his vehicle. Thoughts?”

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Since ESP typically adds thousands of dollars to the cost of a truck, it’s certainly a fair question. But there are many, including lawnspecialties, who feel like these plans are worth the cost.

“With all the gadgetry and electronics on these new trucks, I bought it for my 2017 F-450 Lariat Ultimate. I assumed I would keep the truck a long time. But of course, things change. I paid around $4000 for the ESP Premium Plan for 8 years/125,000 miles. Not sure if that’s a great price or terrible price, but I was fine with it. Things changed and I sold the truck two weeks ago in a package deal with our camper. I bought the truck in May 2017. I sold it for 17.5% less than what I paid for it. Having the Premium Care warranty helped a LOT. So for me, it was worth it, even if I didn’t use it.”

Member claf agrees, but recommends shopping around for the best price.

“I think the electronics on this truck will go out long before the mechanicals, so I’m personally all in on ESP. I bought it online for a ton less than what the dealer wanted for it. Google ‘Flood Ford ESP’ as one example. Good luck!”

And as mhoefer points out, Ford ESP is a great way to go to avoid future hassles, too.

“I have ESP and a warranty to 125,000 miles. I recommend Ford because there’s way less hassles. You simply go to any Ford dealer for service and warranty work. There’s no cross talk about who did what or what needs to be approved. There are some online Ford dealers that will compete on price, and it’s easy to get them to give you a quote. But get a price from the local dealer you’re buying from too.”

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Still, there are those like Flyct that feel like ESP isn’t always the best option.

“It’s an insurance policy. You need to weigh the pros and cons for your personal financial situation. If you you can afford a big bill for an unexpected repair, it’s typically not worth it. I never buy extended warranties. I’ve owned 56 new cars/trucks and I’ve probably only had less than a total of $2,000 out of pocket expenses for repairs not covered. I carry the largest deductibles on my auto collision policies. I also carry lots of liability insurance and an umbrella policy because I don’t want an accident to wipe out my assets. I’ve never totaled a car or had a repair expense that would have exceeded an ESP premium.”

So far, this thread is chock full of great advice and viewpoints on both sides of the issue. But we want to know what you think. So head over here and tell us if you feel like Ford ESP is a great buy, or a waste of cash!

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