Ford Promotes Tough Trucks with Tough Women: Throwback Thursday

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Ad for 2015 F-150 celebrates the steady growth in popularity of large trucks among women.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Liz Kate and features a commercial for the 2015 Ford F-150. Kate is the young archer in the commercial that showcased tough women to promote the tough, new Ford pickups with aluminum bodies.

While it seems that the vast majority of automotive industry commercials are geared towards men, the large truck segment particularly focuses on male buyers with advertising campaigns. There are likely statistics to show that there are more men driving half-ton trucks than women, but the steady growth in popularity of large trucks among women leads to more commercials geared towards female buyers, and this spot is an excellent example.

Since Ford has long marketed their trucks as being especially tough, the automaker features scenes of women being tough with their 2015 F-150.

Tough Women, Tough Trucks

This Ford F-150 commercial begins with a woman running the stairs of a huge football stadium before showing her standing with the then-new half-ton truck.

Next, we see a young female archer practicing and hitting the bullseye, followed by a shot of her with the new F-150. It should be noted that the archer is Liz Kate, the young actress who shared the video to YouTube.

Finally, we watch as a female motocross rider unloads her bike from the back of a 2015 F-150 FX4, soaring over a jump on her dirt bike before posing in front of the new aluminum-bodied pickup.

Of course, the video ends by reminding us that the F-Series was the best-selling truck for 38 straight years when this commercial debuted three years ago. And that hasn’t changed; the F-Series is still the best-selling truck in America by a massive margin.

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