Ford Preparing for Potential Strike in Missouri, Adds Overtime in Dearborn

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Kansas City Assembly Plant

As we reported earlier in the week, there’s a chance that the Kansas City truck plant, which makes the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150, might strike this weekend if the UAW and management aren’t able to reach an agreement on their current contract negotiations.

According to Automotive News, Ford has begun rerouting frames that were headed towards Missouri to the Dearborn truck plant in Michigan. Ford has also instituted mandatory overtime there, presumably to get a backlog of trucks built up in case the other plant strikes.

The Kansas City plant builds F-150s and Transits, and represents 19% of Ford’s totalĀ United States production. A shutdown there, especially a prolonged one, could eventually cause some serious disruptions. That’s why Ford is planning ahead and preparing Dearborn to help try to carry the load, if necessary.

The UAW in Dearborn tried to contest the requirement for mandatory overtime, but according to their contract, they are allowed to if the plant is within two weeks of a model year changeover. The 2016 F-150 is slated to begin production October 12th.

Both sides say they plan on reaching an agreement before the strike deadline on Sunday. We’ll let you know what happens.

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