Ford Power Stroke Tears up Drag Strip

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I love watching drag races, but it’s especially fun when you see something unique line up in the box. In this case that special vehicle happens to be a modified Powerstroke that will blast the strip in the 11-seond range. Yeah, it’s every bit as good as you are imagining. The video features a walk around of the big Ford pickup, but there is no real information provided. We do get three full passes, and lots of great noise. There is something really magical about hearing a Power Stroke wind up. That heavy thwack in the exhaust note combined with the whistle from the turbo is pure magic to my ears.

Sorry, I got lost in the moment there.

If you like diesels in your trucks even a little bit, you owe it to yourself to take 3 minutes to give this video a quick look. Also, if you want to have the ultimate sleeper at the drag strip, I think a white Ford truck is the perfect platform. Those losers in their Camaros will never see you coming, and never have a chance to win.

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