Ford Power Stroke Diesel Trucks Rule! (Video)

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In a sea of inferior and ill-equipped Chevy and Ram trucks, Ford Power Stroke diesels steal the show — in reverse!

We often share with you videos of Ford trucks doing incredible things. Whether it’s racing a Dodge Hellcat, off-roading through the nastiest of terrains, or surviving deep mud pits, Ford trucks always separate themselves from the rest.

Unfortunately, several of these video compilations force you to sift through the riffraff (i.e. Chevys and Rams) to get to the good stuff, and this new video by Diesel Truck Authority isn’t any different. Despite the presence of several sweet trucks, the Power Stroke-powered Fords in attendance are downright drool-worthy.


The star of the show arrives nearly four minutes into the video, when a Super Duty sitting atop a hill drives through a mud pit deep enough to swallow it. Sure, you can watch a big diesel-powered Ford truck drive through mud pits in numerous videos, however, you don’t often see the same truck immediately back up and conquer the same trail in reverse!

When we first saw it, we were convinced they’re simply rewinding the footage, but upon closer inspection, we realized that wasn’t the case.


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Charles Dean is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Rennlist, among other auto sites.

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