¡Ay, Caramba! Is Ford Moving Focus and C-Max Production to Mexico?

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The new Ford Focus ST

According to rumors swirling with the UAW, Ford is potentially getting ready to move the production lines for both the Focus and the C-Max outside of the Michigan Assembly Plant by 2018. And speaking to the Detroit Free Press, UAW Vice President Jimmy Settles stated that the two cars will most likely be built in a Ford plant down in Mexico.


This news comes as yet another blow to the distraught Detroit which has been having a string of bad luck since the early 80s. Now, with these two cars slated to move outside the country, and Ford kill off quite a few jobs, people are once again worried that Detroit will fall into more ruin and the people of Detroit, forgotten.

ford fiesta mexico plant tax

Here’s the question though, will you actually stop buying vehicles made in a different country? Everyone says they will, but then they realize that the most American cars are from the Japanese or the Germans. So what say you, will Ford moving production down to Mexico stop you from buying the brand?

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