Ford Police Cars Stopping Traffic at New York Auto Show

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It’s never a good idea to run from Johnny Law, but it’s an especially bad idea when Johnny Law is driving a Ford. At the New York International Auto Show, which is currently running at Javits Center in NYC through April 3, you can see why.

Mixed in with all the cool new stuff, you can also see a collection of vintage New York Police Department squad cars, including a few Fords. The cars are on loan from the New York City Police Museum, which has been displaced since Hurricane Sandy.

One of the Ford’s representing is the Department’s first radio-dispatched four-door, the 1958 Ford shown above. There’s also the longer, lower, and wider 1959 Ford Custom 300 shown just below, which was used by the Tactical Patrol Force.


Ford’s have been popular with police and criminals alike, since back in the V8 days of Bonnie and Clyde. Indeed, they’re still popular today, especially with the crime fighters, as you can see by the Ford Explorer below currently used by the Department (along with the ever-intimidating Smart For Two).


We’ve included a few more choice selections from the show in the gallery below, including the red and white ’61 Plymouth Savoy from “Car 54 Where Are You.” But there’s plenty more over at Motor Trend; so check ’em out, then let us know which vintage squad car you’d be most afraid of seeing in your rearview mirror.

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Via [Motor Trend]

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