Ford Pickup Truck Rocks the House — Literally!

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House Hit by Ford Truck

Ford truck knocks house off its foundation. We know a Prius couldn’t do that. 

A homeowner in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, experienced a very rude awakening early in the morning. A Ford pickup truck came barreling onto his lawn and smashed right into his house. The truck packed such a wallop that it knocked the house off its foundation. No one was hurt, thankfully.

The homeowner, Chad Hoerth, told WEAU News about the jolting experience. Hoerth heard a loud crash, felt an impact, and as the dust settled, discovered a pickup truck had careened into his home. The driver, who has not been named by police, crashed into Hoerth’s home office where he had been sitting just 15 minutes prior. The driver then got out of the truck and started talking to Hoerth.

“[I’m] hearing a guy saying, ‘don’t worry, I’m OK, don’t call the cops,'” said Hoerth. Hoerth then began to realize the extent of the damage. “[I’m] looking into my office to seeing the front end of a Ford truck in my office where I was sitting, to the guy telling me ‘please don’t call the cops.’ I’m like uh-uh, you just drove into my house, dude. I’m calling the cops.”

The driver, who remarkably walked away unscathed, is suspected of driving while intoxicated, big shocker. We’re certainly glad everyone came away from this unharmed, but wow, we kind of have to marvel at the power of a Ford truck. Really, how many vehicles have the power to plow into a house and take it off its foundation? Yeah, we’re pretty sure a PT Cruiser or Prius couldn’t pack a punch like that on their best day.

As always, drive safe out there!

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