Ford Performance’s Nitrous Blue Might Solve Our Liquid Blue Blues

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2016 Ford Focus RS

2016 Ford Focus RS in Nitrous Blue

Back in January, to much fanfare, Ford unveiled a new line of Ford Performance products. We remember the big ones, including the Ford GT, the Mustang GT350 R, and the Raptor. All of those vehicles, including a Focus and Fiesta ST were painted in a color called Liquid Blue.

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It was a stunning color. Ford even painted their Focus RS in that color. It looked great on every vehicle it was seen on. But unfortunately, Ford said that that color wasn’t destined for production.

Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus Prototype in Liquid Blue

Apparently it was extensive use of paint layering to get the color, and that would create unnecessary weight to the vehicle. It would also add complexity to the paint booth.

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But fans of the really cool blue paint can relax, at least slightly. On the new Ford Focus RS that will debut at the 2015 New York International Auto Show, the car will be painted in Nitrous Blue. It’ll be a unique color to the Focus RS.

2016 Ford Focus RS

Nitrous Blue, according to Ford, is a “vibrant four coat metallic finish.”

Hopefully, it’ll be a unique color to the Ford Performance line, because in the pictures we’ve seen so far, it looks pretty good. We’ll see some more real-life pictures next week when the world’s automotive press converges in New York to gawk at the latest Ford Performance vehicle.


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