What Ford Would You Put a Coyote V8 In?

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Easy engine swaps have been the realm of General Motors and their LS line of engines. Ford Performance is looking to change that by offering a complete plug and play kit for the 435 hp Coyote V8 engine. Now, what would you put it in?

The kit includes either a 6 speed automatic transmission or a 6 speed manual, and all the electronics to make it all work. For older Fords that didn’t use the complicated electronics, the included electronics make the swap easy. Ford Performance says that it’s good for a swap into just about any Ford vehicle.

So, what would you put it in?

Personally, I’m thinking a Ranger. Get a late-model Ranger and drop one of these in. The lightweight nature of that truck would be perfectly suited for an engine of that power. It’d be a monster on the street.

Assuming you had the cash, what Ford vehicle would you drop a 5.0L V8 into and why? Let us know over in the forum!

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