Ford Performance Chief Compares New F-150 Raptor to Porsche 911

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Think the all-new Ford F-150 Raptor is going to be great? Jamal Hameedi, Ford’s global performance chief engineer, thinks so and he compares the new Raptor to the Porsche 911.

He even says it will have a “higher top speed” than its predecessor.

Hameedi chatted with Motor Trends Edward Loh last week in Detroit at the 2015 North American International Auto Show after the all-new powerful pickup by Ford was revealed.

When asked how do you improve on a hit like the Raptor, the eager engineer says that Ford has improved every single facet of the truck.

“It’s not unlike a 911. Each generation of 911 that comes out, it’s better in every single category. So, you know the truck is faster, it’s more powerful, it’s lighter, it’s got more travel, it’s got bigger, better shocks, it’s nicer on the inside, it’s got a stronger frame, higher top speed. Every single aspect we touched and improved upon,” Hameedi told Motor Trend.


You can read more of Loh’s “EcoScoop” here and they also discuss the new Ford GT and the GT350R. While a Porsche 911 is still faster than a Raptor on the track, let’s see how it does in a desert race.

Ford wins every time.

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