Ford Patent Transforms Your F-150 Bed into a Movie Theater

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Ford F-150 Patent

Ford takes the whole drive-in movie concept to a different level with this interesting portable entertainment system.

Typically, truck owners use the beds of their pickups for things like, you know, hauling. Well, except for that weird, short-lived craze back in the ’90s when people were turning them into pools and hot tubs. Otherwise, the whole point of a truck is having that big area to stash dirt, bricks, and tools. But judging by this Ford patent recently discovered by The Drive, perhaps the Blue Oval has something very different in mind.

We’ve seen lots of innovation revolving around truck beds in recent years. But frankly, this takes it to another level. This so-called “portable entertainment support system for a pickup truck box” looks kinda like a drive-in theater sort of setup, minus the popcorn and creepy date. The whole thing is held in place by removable mounts and a big T-member, so it actually doesn’t seem to take up too much space.

Ford F-150 Patent

For that small tradeoff, you get all sorts of audio/visual goodies. There’s, of course, a large screen and a projector fitted a few feet away. But this patent also includes a set of speakers. That way, you can kick out not only some movie-quality sound, but also support your after party. It’s undoubtedly a cool setup, and one that would also up your tailgate game a few notches.

Ford F-150 Patent

So the only question left to ask is, will we ever see anything like this at your local Ford dealership? And the answer is, well, maybe. Automakers file all sorts of patents each year, yet only some of them actually make it to the real world. But out of all the interesting proposals we’ve seen recently, this one might just be the one we want the most. Even if it maybe isn’t quite as cool as as having Dokken in the back of your truck.

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