Ford Files Patent for All-New Sliding Truck Bed

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truck bed

New truck bed can make loading and unloading cargo extremely easy and effortless

According to a document recently acquired by Ford Truck Enthusiast, the Blue Oval is working on a brand-new and revolutionary sliding truck bed mechanism for upcoming generations of Ford trucks.

The US Patent & Trademark Office has received a patent request from Ford Global Technologies LLC, for a “Powered Sliding Platform Assembly.” Furthermore, it uses extremely technical (and somewhat confusing) language that may lead us to believe this new truck bed will first be seen on the upcoming Ford F-150 Hybrid. That being said, we don’t see any reason why Ford would limit the usage of this technology to one model only, and deeply believe it will sooner rather than later be available on all F-Series trucks.

truck bed

The filing for the patent describes the mechanism in the following manner: “A platform assembly comprising: a platform slidably engaged with a track disposed on a bed; an actuator having a pin biased towards an extended position; a rail coupled to the platform and defining first and second openings configured to receive the pin; and a controller programmed to operate the actuator to retract the pin to permit movement of the rail as the rail begins to move relative to the track.”

In other words, the sliding bed will work on a track system that will allow it to slide in and out, and be latched into position with a locking pin. The pin should be strong enough to work with heavy loads, and even when parked at an incline. In addition, the document makes mention of a “proximity sensor” that will warn the system whether a person or object is in the path of the sliding bed, and make it stop.

truck bed

While we can see a few “hardcore truckers” write this off as another luxury item for non hardcore truckers, we believe it’s a very clever and convenient concept. Because do you really want to climb into the bed every time you need to get something from it? The answer is, no.

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