Ford Parts Retailer Highlights the Awesomeness of Super Dutys

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Like CliffsNotes for newbies, new ‘Spotter’s Guide’ aims to make it easier to spot the trend-setting updates in the Ford Super Dutys.

Buellton, California’s Jim Vreeland Ford Parts looks to be as obsessed with Ford Super Dutys as we are. The retailer covers the history of the Ford trucks in its new ‘Spotter’s Guide’ infographic, which features many of the game-changing detail changes made to the Super Duty over the generations. The graphic offers tips on how to identify which model you’re looking at, even if you’ve only got the front end to work with. Hey, we’re all for any efforts made to educate and enrich the world about some of the best-selling line of trucks for the 42nd year in a row, and the Ford parts retailer seems to have that same goal in mind.

FTE Photo by Km1210

“We all know that Super Dutys have been modified over the years,” says Tom Madden, parts manager at Jim Vreeland Ford Parts. “We wanted to point out two or three changing features anyone could spot with a little attention.”


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Here are some highlights from the spotter’s guide:

  • If the truck behind you has turn signals under the headlights, a slightly rounded bumper, and no identifying “Super Duty” that you can see, it’s most likely a 10th generation F-series truck.
  • The 2011 F-250, F-350, and the rest of the Super Duty lineup were the first to gain a drop-center bumper and a large air dam.
  • If the headlights look like a couple of Cs hugging the grille, you’re looking at one of the newer models – 2017 through the upcoming 2020 model. The true distinction is in the grille design.

“It wasn’t until we had all of this laid out in front of us that we realized how much Ford has redesigned the front end since 1999,” says Madden. “We”ll have to do one 20 years from now to compare those differences.”

Check out the spotter’s guide below…

Super Duty Spotters Guide

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