Parklane Wagon is a Real Franken-Ford

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It’s a Franken-Ford, that’s the only way to describe this 1956 Ford wagon. It’s a mish mash of six different cars.


According to the owner Steve Keller speaking to ABC 7, “it’s a 1956 Ford Parklane Wagon. I took the roof and windshield off the wagon and put on the front half of a ’55 Crown Victoria roof, windshield and door.

The back cab panel is out of a ’64 Ford pickup truck. To change the angle of the panel is the upper portion of a ’59 Ford quarter panel turned upside down. The side rails are stainless steel off a ’57 Ranchero.”


What’s best according to Keller is that he only paid $200 for the car originally in 1985. He’s also driven the Parklane Wagon to Cruisin’ the Coast, an 1,100 mile cruise twice. Suffice it to say, it’s a ridiculous car that gets used properly. It’s a hybrid of sorts, but way cooler than any Prius or Fusion.

Photos via ABC 7 News Feed

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