Ford Truck Owners Pursue World Record for Largest Truck Gathering

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Whether you own a new and top-of-the line Ford F-150, a 10-year old Ford Ranger, or a silly Chevy Silverado, it’s your chance to make history and get together to break the world record for most pickup trucks in one place.

A massive amount of pickup trucks are expected to cruise into Sherwood Park in Alberta, Canada, to hopefully break the Guinness Book World of Records of the largest parade of pickup trucks in the world. The best part? It’ll benefit the Make-A-Wish foundation, and even put a smile in the faces of young and old fans alike.

“We’re going to parade everybody in there, and do our thing, do our final count and then parade everybody out. We’re hoping for a really good turn out,” said Armstrong, a Fort McMurray truck driver, self-proclaimed “Ford man,” and also an event organizer to  CBC Radio’s Edmonton AM.


The previous world-record was set by a group of RAM truck owners in Arlington, Texas with 451 trucks, and more recently in California with 638 trucks, that’s why organizers are hoping for a minimum of 639 trucks, but are hoping for 1,000 vehicles. The Alberta F-150 lovers Facebook group has been hard at work pushing this event, and everyone is confident it will yield great results.

If you live in the area or simply want to embark on an awesome road trip to the north, now you have a great excuse to do so!

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Story via: [CBC News]

Photos via: [CBC News & Top Gun Customz]

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