Ford Owner’s Day in the Mud Goes from Bad to Worse

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When one problem leads to another, a day of fun can turn into a nightmare.

Let’s just start out with a quick caveat: We don’t really know who this Cullen kid is, and we certainly can’t be bothered to spend time digging through his YouTube channel to learn more. So, maybe he is actually a very smart and intelligent kid with a talent for off-road driving. One this is for certain, if he has talent and brains, they are not shown off in this video.

Basically, a series of dumb mistakes and “potential sabotage” lead to one of the worst off-road trips we’ve ever seen recorded to video.

Cullen uses this new video to share with us a harrowing adventure of stupidity and bad luck that starts with getting his heavily modified F-250 getting stuck in a mud track. From there, it’s a call to a local with a Hummer to drag him out. And then, with no place to turn, kid has to try and make the trail backwards. And then gets stuck again. And then, somehow, despite being out in the truck all day and getting stuck a few times, his truck is “sabotaged” and two spark plug wires are removed.

And that’s when the fire starts. All in, it ends up taking two days before this guy gets his truck out of the muck and back on to solid ground. Now, we aren’t going to say that this whole thing is faked, but we do want to point out that the shots of the fire look pretty staged, and everyone seems awfully calm about an “engine fire.”

Fake or not, we think the video is worth looking through. If you think you’ve had a bad day, or a rough week, maybe this will make you feel better. At the very least, you know you didn’t get your truck stuck for two days and watch it catch fire in a field.

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