Ford Owner Battles 43-Year Ban on Trucks in a Chicago Suburb

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Ford F-150 Raptor on the Road

Neighboring America’s deadliest city, residents want police focusing on illegally parked pickups.

Imagine buying a new home in what appears to be a lovely suburb in the Chicagoland area and shortly after you move in, you find that you aren’t permitted to park your truck in your driveway. According to the Wall Street Journal, that was what happened to Luke Lambert a few years after he and his wife moved into Flossmoor, Illinois, as when Lambert bought a 1966 Ford F-100 pickup to restore, he was quickly alerted by the local police that he wasn’t permitted to park his truck on his own property.

Welcome to Snobsville

Flossmoor, Illinois (shown by the red marker in the map below), sits about 30 miles south of the center of Chicago, America’s deadliest city. With Chicago’s epidemic of endless murders spreading further into the suburbs each day, you would expect that residents in a small town like Flossmoor would want their police focused on keeping the area safe and murder-free. Instead, the aging, long-time residents of the pseudo-elitist community insist that their police focus on bigger threats to their way of life. This includes above-ground pools, dog leashes that are more than eight feet long, grass that is taller than five inches and pickup trucks.

That’s right, with Flossmoor sitting in the shadow of America’s most murderous city, the local police spend their time ticketing residents who let their dogs walk too far ahead of them or who dare park a truck in their driveway.

Tom Haggerty, a landscaper who moved to the area back in 2005 stopped coming home to visit his wife during lunch because he would get a ticket every day – usually when the neighbors reported him. In total, he has paid more than $3,000 in “truck tickets”, simply because his daily-driven truck won’t fit in his garage.

“I’m a landscaper, I’m blue collar, that’s kind of what it boils down to,” said Haggerty. “It’s Snobsville.”


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