Ford Ordered to Pay $3 Million in Ranger Lawsuit

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1998 Ranger EV

According to a jury in West Virginia, unintended acceleration problems weren’t exclusively a Toyota and Lexus problem. They awarded a West Virginia couple $3,000,000 in damages over an incident that involved a 2001 Ford Ranger.

According to the Plaintiff, he was driving down the highway and was approaching traffic. He lifted his foot off the accelerator pedal, but the vehicle did not slow down. He attempted to use the brakes, which did not stop the car. To avoid the traffic, he steered the vehicle off the highway and jumped the curb.

It crossed a field before jumping another curb, and then crashed through the bay of a local car wash before coming to a halt after crashing into the wall of a brick building.

The Plaintiff, Howard Nease, says the engine continued to run at full throttle until it finally died.

Ford’s defense in the suit stated that the 74-year-old hit the accelerator pedal instead of the brake, causing the accident.

The jury sided with the Plaintiff, and the award verdict was handed down. Ford was found innocent of negligence and breach of implied warranty. However, they were determined to be guilty on the claim of strict liability.

Ford declined to comment any further.

What do you think? Was Ford at fault or was it driver error? You play the jury and let us know in the forums!

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