Does Ford Need a Longer Pickup Truck Warranty?

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Warranties are a good thing. It’s why you often choose a brand-new truck over something on the used lot. The only downside, if there is any, of warranties is that they often don’t last as long as an average vehicle loan. Earlier today Nissan announced a 5-year bumper-to-bumper warranty on their Titan pickups. This isn’t a Nissan site, but with extra competition on the warranty side, do you think Ford should look at extending theirs?

A bumper-to-bumper warranty is pretty straightforward. If something breaks through the normal use of the vehicle, the manufacturer fixes it with no cost to you. Sure, we can all cite cases where that process didn’t go as it should, but generally-speaking people expect warranties when they’re buying things as expensive as an automobile.

Even though I think we all can agree that many Ford products, including the F-Series pickup trucks, are rock solid, they will occasionally have issues. Ford extended the warranty on my transmission due to a potential issue in my personal vehicle.

While I’m not sure a pickup truck buyer is going to opt for a Nissan over a Ford because the Nissan’s warranty is longer, I am curious if you all think that Ford should look at extending their warranty on their trucks? Or do you think it’s not really necessary and that Ford should invest that money into something else?

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