F-150/Mustang Mash-up vs. Jeep Trackhawk

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Could a Ford Mustang GT500 Engine in a F-150 Compete Against a Jeep Trackhawk Pickup?

Performance pickup trucks are becoming more mainstream in the auto industry. When you think about it, who doesn’t want a beastly four-wheeler they can get muddy on the weekend and take their kids to school with on Monday? With Ford introducing the F-150 SVT Raptor, it looks like other truck OEMs are in on the hunt for their own beefy performance pickup.

Jeep is among those in the hunt. The company recently confirmed that it is going to keep an open mind in creating a pickup truck. Jeep was responding to a query on whether we will be witnessing the pickup truck coming out with a Trackhawk trim, like how it is happening with the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

For those who don’t know what Trackhawk is, it is a term that has the same meaning as Hellcat, and it is only used by Jeep. This means that the up-and-coming Grand Cherokee Trackhawk will be tuned for 707 hp. And the same can be expected for the future pickup truck, if Jeep decides to activate the Trackhawk.

If Jeep manages to produce a 707 hp-powered pickup truck, then that could certainly take the wind out of Ford’s sails, as the Raptor does not come close to those power figures.

However, if Ford wishes to compete, it won’t be difficult. They could take the engine technology from the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and drop it into an F-150.

Just a thought.

Source: NESAVoice 

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