Ford Museum Grade 1990 Ford Bronco II Selling with 70K Miles

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If your personal Ford fleet is full of modern models it might be amusing to add some retro flair with this impeccably kept 1990 Ford Bronco II for sale on eBay below $8K. This example is the final year Ford built the two-door, five-passenger Bronco II before they began to build today’s four-door, seven-passenger Explorer. Bronco II’s were assembled on the Ranger pickup foundation with an added cab on the rear. This was typical for the time and wasn’t a dedicated SUV as we see today with unibody designs. Although it’s in Barrett Jackson Auction condition can that alone help prospective buyers look past it’s dangerous rollover ability heavily scrutinized during the era? You be the judge.
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The year model alone speaks highly of its stance as a well-built vehicle. Being a late model year you’re almost-guaranteed a tightly-fastened product from experienced assembly-plant workers already building the model for years. This contributes to the lasting feel and appeal. This B-II is of almost new condition with a presumed history of being gingerly cared-for makes this a standout on Bring-a-Trailer. The Canyon Red exterior paint looks fresh without a patch a fading. Matching are the bumpers, chrome bits, lighting, windows and wheels fittingly the same condition.
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Goosing this Bronco up towards comfortable cruising speeds is a V6 engine in a 2.9L configuration cycling through a 5-speed manual spitting out it’s under 150 horsepower to the rear or all-wheels with a push of a button. Owner says the 70K miles were light-duty commuting with close to no straining the engine ever which is great news for the all the transmission components like the clutch plates which were probably never ‘cooked’. The red interior looks almost uninhabited! Look at the gear shift knob, I can still see the white paint for shift points. Stop reading and start bidding; this is the cleanest Bronco II on the internet right now.

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