Ford Moving Medium Duty Truck Production to Ohio

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In a move that Mike Rowe would love, Ford has decided to move the production of Medium Duty F-Series trucks from Mexico to Ohio. This is great news for the Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake since Ford will be discontinuing production of the E-Series vans, which are being replaced by the new 2015 Transit. $168 million dollars will be invested into the facility to produce the F650, F750 while continuing production of the E-Series cut-a-way and E-Series stripped chassis.

“Shifting production of the 2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 medium-duty trucks to Ohio Assembly Plant helps secure a solid future for the dedicated workers at this facility,” said Joe Hinrichs, who is president of Ford of the Americas.

This was also a victory for the UAW after their loss to unionize a Volkswagen plant in Tennessee. “We are extremely pleased that the dedicated, highly skilled and highly motivated UAW members of Ohio Assembly Plant have been selected to build the next-generation Ford F-650 and F-750,” said Jimmy Settles, UAW vice president. He is also director of the National Ford Department for the UAW.

Ford looks to use the new 2015 F-650 and F-750 as the anchor of the commercial truck range and several major upgrades have been included in those new trucks. We’ll detail those in another article.


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