Ford Monster Truck Slings Mud Like a Pro

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If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that tackling the deepest mud holes requires nothing more than a Ford monster truck.

In certain parts of the world, you aren’t judged by how fast your truck is or how much it can haul. There, you prove your truck’s worth by navigating deep, muddy waters. The premise is actually quite simple. Get stuck, and you’ll never hear the end of it. Emerge on the other side caked in mud, and you’ll enjoy lavish praise. And the kicker is, not just any old truck can compete. It takes something rather serious, like this incredible 9th gen Ford monster truck.

After all, this particular mud pit looks deep enough to swallow a house. So tires as tall as most “regular” old trucks ensure this Ford monster truck doesn’t have to worry about silly things like water damage. Couple that with a massive suspension lift, and this truck has no trouble navigating that gooey brown stuff. Which, like the innuendo here, is pretty doggone thick.

Ford Monster Truck

There also aren’t many places on earth where brand wars rage any fiercer than the local mud pit. Here, failure is, quite simply, not an option. Getting stuck counts as a major “L” for your team, no matter what happens. And by all means, don’t break any parts. You’ll never hear the end of how unreliable your particular brand is.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the case here as this Ford monster truck more than proves its worth. And from what we’ve seen over and over and over again, this is nothing new. Ford trucks are simply superior to the competition, no matter what the format might be. So if you want to enjoy bragging rights at the local mud hole, make sure you’re driving a Blue Oval.

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