Ford Modular Frame Rail Makes Your Bed Much More Versatile

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Mount and unmount your motorcycle, tools, and even a chair in seconds using this ingenious modular rack.

Ford (and every other truck manufacturer) has placed a lot of emphasis on upgrading the beds of its truck offerings in recent years. And for good reason. Beds are what truly set pickups apart from the SUVs and cars, quite literally. And most of us who buy trucks do so in large part because of the utility offered by the humble bed. But even though truck beds have become infinitely more usable in recent years, they’re still lacking in a number of areas.

Enter Forged Authority’s new Modular Frame Rail (MFR). What looks like a simple frame is actually a pretty ingenious mounting system that gives you tons of options. Made from extruded aluminum and cold rolled steel, the MFR mounts to your truck bed in roughly 10 minutes. And once that’s done, mounting accessories to it takes a mere 30 seconds. Those options, it appears, are nearly endless.

Ford Modular Frame Rail

You can mount toolboxes, fishing rods, and even motorcycles to the MFR using specially designed attachments. You can turn it into a chair for tailgating or hunting. And maybe the best thing about the MFR is that it mounts right up against the front of your bed wall, so it takes up very little to no cargo space.

Pretty cool stuff, indeed. Especially if you use your Ford truck to haul bikes and/or tools. Having the ability to attach and detach these sorts of things in seconds is a big time saver. And the toolbox option looks really convenient if you’re always working on the go. If nothing else, it beats the heck out of a fixed tool box you have to drill into your truck bed, that’s for sure.

Be sure and check out all of Forged Authority’s modular bed gear and accessories by heading over here!

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