Ford: ‘Millennials Begin Pivot to Suburbs and Big SUVs’

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Record-high birth rates and an affinity for suburban living tell Ford that Millennials are going big.

Ford’s extensive line of SUVs and crossovers is already one of the best on the market. The Ford Explorer is an all-star when it comes to space and capability, while the Expedition is, well, a grand SUV. But according to the boys at Dearborn, they think the segment is about to expand even further.

For years we’ve been beaten with stories about Millennials hating cars, and the death of the large SUV — and even car ownership. Now that the oldest of the Millennials are closing in on 40, they’re starting families, buying houses in the suburbs, and looking to get bigger means of transportation for the family.

According to Ford’s latest press statement, “America’s largest demographic is beginning to do all of these things, just a bit later in life than their baby boomer parents once did.”


That is why the Motor Company is investing heavily in making their family lifestyle vehicles better than ever. After all, they expect the competition to be ruthless. But let’s face it, it already is! Ford U.S. sales analyst Erich Merkle said, “Fewer members of Gen X means fewer families — that is, until America’s Millennials move into their prime years, a shift that’s just beginning.”


With kids on the way, those trips to Grandma’s house are going to get more frequent, and so are commutes to soccer fields, music practice, and everything in between. Ford is ready to provide these new families with the perfect tool for the job. We already shared with you about how great the new 2018 Expedition is for long road trips, and now it seems we know why. According to Ford, they have seen midsize and large SUVs average around 10-percent growth this year, while smaller SUVs like the Escape only grew four percent. It’s almost as if everything we thought the future had in store for us was completely wrong.

Good news for SUV fans, if this trend continues the small crossover might not displace your favorite three-row people-mover after all. And that is good news!

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