Ford Offers Nice Gesture with $500 Discount for First Responders

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Every single day law¬†officers, firemen and women, EMTs, and paramedics are in your towns and cities¬†serving the common people. How big of a deal is that? Protecting, helping, and fixing the community seems like a pretty major responsibility, one that should be praised and rewarded. Especially for people considered “First Responders,” who rush to emergency scenes. To Ford that duty is worth $500.

Replacing an old program that catered specifically to police, the First Responder Appreciation Bonus Cash gives an additional five large on almost all 2015 and 2016 Fords and Lincolns. In addition to the people stated above, it’s open to Sheriffs and sheriff’s deputies, correctional officers, state troopers, and federal law enforcement officers.

This is certainly a nice display for Ford, and surely will be good for the press and image, but $500 seems a little low, no? Obviously there are a lot of those who qualify, but Ford couldn’t even get up to a grand? Psh.

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