Ford Lightning Lives up to Its Name With 9-Second Timeslips

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A supercharger and Ford GT block send this F-150 Lightning through the quarter-mile in a hurry!

If you like blower whine and Ford trucks, you’re just gonna want to click on this little link above. We caught this second-generation F-150 Lightning running hard at Maryland’s Cecil County Dragway, and everything about it just strikes the right chord.

This video by BigKleib34 shows the blacked-out Lightning running a pair of grudge races against what looks like an equally capable silver Lightning. The pair split the races with the winner running high 9s each time out. The black Lightning owner says that with good weather, his truck will run 9.40s.


While this one runs a 5.4-liter Modular V8 with a supercharger, none of it is stock. The block is a Ford GT-style engine and perched atop that is a massive Kenne Bell 3.6-liter supercharger. That twin-screw, liquid-cooled blower sounds absolutely nasty. All that is managed with a tune by Johnny Lightning Performance, who specialize in Ford tuning.

While the owner doesn’t tell BigKleib the power output, we can be reasonably sure it throws down a healthy dose if mid-9s are possible. A transmission built by Brian’s Truck Shop (BTS) handles whatever hearty horse party comes down the gearbox’s input shaft. Drag slicks certainly help that elapsed time, as well.

Inside, the truck carries the full dashboard, although only a single racing bucket remains for seating options. We wonder if the license plate is legit and if so, how did the owner get the vanity plate “EVIL?” Well done on that highly desirable tag, in no small part because it perfectly describes the supercharger sound.

The black Lightning manages “only” a 9.98 in what we assume was some soupy summer Mid-Atlantic atmosphere, but we’d love to see this sucker run in good air.

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Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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