Ford Kills Heart Attack Detection Technology

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Having a heart attack can be a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. Ford was working on a way to make driving safer by building sensors into the seats of new Ford vehicles that could detect a heart attack in the driver, take control of the car’s steering and braking systems, and hopefully bring the car to a complete stop safely. Now, they’re scrapping the project.

Why is Ford scrapping such an innovating project? Wearables like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit are to blame. There is a long lead time and development cycle for new vehicle technologies. Stuff that we hear about today won’t be in cars for at least a few years.

Wearables are quickly evolving, and include many different types of sensors, including heart rate sensors. Those sensors are extremely accurate, and will be more widely available on less-expensive devices.

This just illustrates the difficulties car companies face trying to keep up with the latest and greatest in technology. To me, that’s what makes Android Auto and Apple’s Car Play so appealing. The car’s infotainment just becomes an interface for the driver’s mobile phone, and all the cutting edge technology is built into the phone.

Few automakers want to give complete control over to a phone, but as the technology advances, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more customers demanding that type of integration.

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